wood floors Retail Warehouse & Showroom
wood floors Retail Warehouse & Showroom

To meet the continuous demand for our products, Woodcraft Flooring have now opened a new retail warehouse & showroom in Borehamwood. Woodcraft Flooring is offering high market European engineered & solid wood flooring for commercial and residential properties. Woodcraft Flooring offers top range flooring products from well known brands such as Bona, Osmo, Rewmar, Blanchon and many more. We at Woodcraft Flooring appreciate and understand the financial constraints forced upon our customers by the difficult times we face. Woodcraft Flooring is offering a wider range of wood floors at affordable prices Because of financial constraints.

Woodcraft Flooring has on display over one hundred samples in the retail warehouse. Apart from our 21mm high quality European engineered oak which comes with 25 years guarantee. Woodcraft Flooring stocks the highest quality laminate which is Parador. Parador is a German company which offers laminate that looks like wood and that feels like wood. With over 15 years guarantee on Parador products, we are confident to provide this outstanding product to our customers. Parador also offers top of the range engineered wood flooring which is also from germany. We at Woodcraft Flooring are confident in all our products, we promise the highest quality for reasonable prices. Woodcraft Flooring also provides Panaget, which is high quality french wood, this wood is at an affordable price with high quality. Woodcraft Flooring also offers Kahrs which which is a popular sweden product.

Customer experience

Woodcraft Flooring has a unique warehouse and showroom. Customers will be able to experience the process which our wood goes through to be ready for installation. It is important for customers to experience this because they can see exactly what sort of work goes into the preparation of the wood. Woodcraft Flooring is also able to show customers how distressed wood is achieved with the various tools.

Find Our new retail warehouse & showroom at Unit 17 Stirling Industrial Estate, Stirling way, Borehamwood, WD6 2BT

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