Reactive White

Product Ref : WCF143

Width : 120-360cm
Length : 1800 to 2800cm
Height : 13-21mm

Reactive White is a combination of colours. the two planks to the right have been treated in the same process as the one plank on the left. The plank on the left has had an extra treatment to produce a grey-white finish. This is to show that Woodcraft Flooring has an endless colour range.

Both colours are modern and work very well in both plank and herringbone formats. When you choose a Woodcraft Flooring wood floor you are choosing a fully bespoke flooring tailored to your specification, meaning we are able to provide widths from 120mm wide to 300mm wide standard. Wider can be requested on a special order basis. We provide a wide range of lengths, grades and options again making the wood fully bespoke to yourself.