Product Sample Category: Exotic Timbers

  • Iroko


    Iroko is an African hardwood known as a substitute for the true Asian or Burmese Teak. Iroko is found widely throughout Africa with many uses from boat builder, furniture, construction and wood flooring. Iroko is a tough as Beach hardwood. Iroko will darken over time to become a light brown colour with sometimes unusual grains.…

  • Ipe


    Ipe is known as the most durable wood on the market, with a very dense cell structure, the wood is heavy and tough. Ipe has natural light brownish to orange hues, with hints of green and grey. If you are looking for a very durable wood flooring which will withstand all elements, Ipe is known…

  • Palisander


    Palisander is rare exotic hardwood. the wood originates in Africa and comes from the same family as wenge which is a widely known species. Palisander is dark brown in colour, lighter than wenge however has dark large grains running through the wood. Palisander is known for its hardness factor. Palisander is hard to source as…

  • Afrormosia


    Afrormosia known as African teak, the hardwood does share a lot of similarities with teak, however the rich wavy grain is a beautiful aspect of the wood. Afrormosia is currently endangered under code CITES 2, which allows limited use of the wood. The wood is incredibly hard wearing and durable with very little movement over…

  • Asian Teak

    Asian Teak

    Asian teak is a dense and hardwood which is very long lasting and durable. Teak has a natural dark orange colour to light up the room. If you are looking for a hard wearing wooden floor, with many styles, with plenty of colour and variation, Teak is a very good option.

  • Padouk


    Padouk is a unique one of a kind wood which originates in Africa, the wood has a intense natural red colour with lovely purple grains running through it, an amazing wood floor to have in a home.

  • Bubinga


    Bubinga species of wood originates in central and western regions of Africa. The extreme grains and high character of Bubinga wood has made it a unique hardwood used in many applications. A hard, tight, dense wood which is very stable is a perfect wood floor if you are willing to try something quite unique. 

  • Merbau


    Merbau is a well known exotic species which is derived from the Malaysian Peninsula, the wood is generally a golden red colour with a outstanding variation, the wood has black grains running through the face. A very stable species with a much harder and dense structure than European Oak.

  • Doussie


    An African species of wood with a golden red natural colour. Doussie which derives from the Afzelia species is an extremely hard wood with a tight grain, harder than Maple and Hickory. The wood is very valuable and is a wonder of nature as are all wood species.    

  • Moabi


    Moabi is a rare sought after African wood, the species has a reddish pink natural look, the grains are very faint. Moabi is very hard wood, the wood has a distinctive colour which stands out for a unique look.

  • Wenge


    Wenge is a winner; a beautiful African wood that is to be appreciated, a dark yet vibrant colour with the unique grains leaving you in awe.  

  • Mixed Ash

    Mixed Ash

    Ash is a unique species of wood. It takes colours very well with a natural colour shining through;we have a contrast between oiled and varnished which is very slightly noticeable – pick your option. 

  • Wenge Chevron

    Wenge Chevron

    Wenge is at the top of the list when it comes to beauty, if you want a beautiful wood flooring this is the wood for you, Wenge will go with every setting you have, it is a true work of art from nature. I do not have enough words to describe the beauty of this…

  • Kayu Kuku

    Kayu Kuku

    Another amazing example of a different species of wood, yet we only apply clear oil to allow the natural colour to shine through.

  • Lapacho


    Lapacho is similar to walnut however it is darker and the cell structure is different.

  • Maple


    Maple is a good option for your wood flooring as it gives you the raw effect of wood. With maple we can produce some colours however we would recommend leaving the natural colour to shine through.

  • Oiled American Black Walnut

    Oiled American Black Walnut

    With this walnut we have applied a clear hard wax oil in our other walnut sample it is finished with lacquer if you want a true natural and hand custom finish we recommend going for a hard wax oil finish.

  • Teak


    Teak is a beautiful wood, not many people use teak anymore as you cannot get it in wide or long boards however teak still has its own distinctive beauty.

  • Jatoba


    Jatoba is a beautiful wood, with species other than oak we will always leave the natural colour as it is to show the beauty of the natural colour. We have applied a clear hard wax oil to preserve the natural beauty.

  • American Black Walnut

    American Black Walnut

    With Walnut species, the great thing is that it is affordable and it is absolutely beautiful. We can produce many colours and finishes on oak however we cannot produce a different species, nature does that and we thank nature by preserving the beauty of the wood.