Restoration & Repair

Does your wood flooring look dull, faded, dirty or discoloured? Does it have too many scratches and marks? You might even be considering replacing it. Before you do, call us to see if what it actually needs is restoring and/or refinishing.

Our expert craftsmen breathe new life into wooden floors at affordable prices. View individual projects below (all with ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos), or READ MORE to learn about our restoration and repair services.

  • Solid Oak, Gerrards Cross
    Solid Oak, Gerrards Cross
    Wide board solid oak with badly applied hard wax oil, giving a dull look to the oak. We often come across projects where the finishing coat is not applied to it's full potential. This intern made the oak look very dull with the variation of the oak hidden away. Stair top railings were also sanded and oiled in the process to match with the solid oak.
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  • Sapele Parquet Herringbone Restoration in Northwood
    Sapele Parquet Herringbone Restoration in Northwood
    The African Sapele has been down for 59 years, The wood was in really bad worn condition mainly on the surface. The varnish had darkened overtime hiding the true beauty of the wood, construction work around the house including painting left the wood looking terrible.
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  • Solid Walnut, Stanmore
    Solid Walnut, Stanmore
    This beautiful Walnut floor had been damaged almost beyond repair by sanding done with the wrong equipment in the wrong hands. The customer thought she'd need a new floor, but we were able to restore it to its former glory.
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  • Pine Boards, Borehamwood
    Pine Boards, Borehamwood
    This fifty-year old floor's surface condition had seriously deteriorated. Uneven and dirty-looking, it was also drafty due to gaps between the planks. We made it safe, soundproof, draft-free and gave it a totally fresh look.
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  • Parquet Oak, Beaconsfield
    Parquet Oak, Beaconsfield
    These ten year old Oak Herringbone parquet blocks were an unattractive bright orange colour, with unwanted colour variations across the floor to boot. We removed the old finish to reveal the natural beauty of Oak.
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  • Parquet Mahogany, Hertfordshire
    Parquet Mahogany, Hertfordshire
    These solid parquet Mahogany blocks had last been finished some twenty to twenty-five years ago with a very thick and dark lacquer. Some blocks were dented, and the aged lacquer was hiding the natural colour variations in this now rare species of hardwood.
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  • Solid Red Oak, Buckinghamshire
    Solid Red Oak, Buckinghamshire
    The floors in this stately home consisted of solid Red Oak boards, re-finished most recently with lacquer some thirty to forty years before. Over the years the lacquer had slowly turned a reddish brown into a rather dirty muddy dark grey colour.
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  • Solid Cherry, Beaconsfield
    Solid Cherry, Beaconsfield
    These solid parquet blocks had taken a bit of a beating in places and had last been finished with lacquer. As well as significant scratches, the twenty-year old lacquer surface had taken on a 'bleached' look in places where dust had collected.
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  • Parquet Cherry, Watford
    Parquet Cherry, Watford
    These thirty year old solid planks had been finished with lacquer, which was showing definite signs of age and had faded away to a dirty grey in places. The result: an uneven and unattractive surface finish, hiding the natural beauty of Cherry.
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  • Canadian Oak, Buckinghamshire
    Canadian Oak, Buckinghamshire
    The floors in this hallway and room had been laid some thirty to forty years previously, with varnish used to seal the wood. The passage of time had robbed the wood finish of its shine, leaving a rather dull and uninspiring appearance.
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