Restoring History: A Comprehensive Flooring Renovation in Shoreditch

We recently undertook an exciting restoration project in Shoreditch, London, where we breathed new life into a beautiful but tired apartment’s flooring. This project involved meticulous attention to detail and a series of carefully executed steps to ensure the highest quality outcome.

Assessing and Preparing the Floorboards

The original floorboards had sustained significant damage, necessitating the replacement of numerous boards. To enhance the apartment’s heating efficiency, the customer opted for the installation of insulation beneath the floorboards. We carefully lifted half of the boards in each room to gain access for this installation.

Installing Flooring Insulation

To properly install the insulation, we first laid a supportive mesh to hold it in place. With the mesh securely in position, we installed the insulation, ensuring that it would effectively maximize the apartment’s heating efficiency. Once the insulation was in place, we re-installed the healthy floorboards and replaced the damaged ones with new boards that seamlessly matched the existing flooring.

Maximizing The Floorboards Heating Efficiency

To further enhance heating efficiency, we installed pine strips to close all gaps between the floorboards. This step was crucial in preventing heat loss and ensuring a cozy, energy- efficient environment for the apartment’s residents.

Refinishing the Floorboards

With the insulation and floorboard replacements complete, we turned our attention to the finishing touches. Using our industrial-size sander, we carefully sanded approximately 0.5mm off the surface of the floorboards. This process removed all scratches, dents, and marks, exposing the pristine original pine boards underneath.

Custom Floor Finishing

The final step involved applying a specific grey-ish finish chosen by the customer’s interior designer. This finish added a modern, stylish touch to the classic pine boards. We applied the finish using a buffer to ensure an even coat and sealed it with three coats of Osmo Poly-x Oil. This not only enhanced the appearance of the floorboards but also provided the best protection for long-lasting beauty and durability.

The Result

The result is a stunning, restored floor that combines the charm of the original pine boards with modern efficiency and style. This Shoreditch apartment now boasts beautifully finished floors that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.

By carefully replacing damaged boards, installing insulation, closing gaps, and applying a custom finish, we were able to transform this space into a warm, inviting, and energy- efficient home. We are proud of the meticulous craftsmanship that went into this restoration and are delighted to have exceeded our customer’s expectations.

If you’re considering a similar project or want to explore bespoke flooring solutions, get in touch with us. Let’s bring your vision to life.



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