Solid Red Oak, Buckinghamshire

Hedsor House, Taplow

This stately home is a popular venue for weddings, conferences and film shoots. The floor consisted of solid Red Oak boards (most likely either American or Canadian) nailed directly to the joists beneath. The floor had been re-finished most recently with lacquer, some thirty to forty years previously.

As you can see from the top left corner of the photo below with the vacuum cleaner in it, the lacquer had turned to a rather dirty brown colour.


We have looked at the photos on your website of before and after, and again we are so pleased with the results you have shown. The owner of the house can’t believe how good it looks, and our clients love the improvement.

What we did:

A few boards needed to be lifted up and nailed down again onto the supporting joists. In a few cases individual boards needed to be replaced.

After this, we sanded to a newly level surface and sealed any gaps before applying two coats of clear hard wax oil to restore the natural reddish colour of the Oak.

Total time and people involved:

This job was for two people and was completed in five days,