Product Sample Category: Herringbone & Chevron

  • Antique Brass

    Antique Brass

    Our “when wood meets metal” range has opened up opportunities to use various metal inlay materials to create unique designs, especially with herringbone borders. Metal inlays such as brass or stainless steel can be provided with various dimensions, as you are able to see from the image we have the two standard sizes being 6mm…

  • Obsidian


    I do not believe this sample and colour to match it needs a description. A true black colour which we have been able to capture perfectly to show black is a colour to not be forgotten when choosing flooring. The colour works well with our chevron range.

  • Antique White

    Antique White

    A stunning one of one colour which has a process to it. We hand finish all our wood flooring with special techniques to produce amazing samples. This colour is in your face with the stunning arrange of colours within the herringbone blocks.

  • Clear Cotton White

    Clear Cotton White

    This finish in our herringbone design is a very popular colour as it works well in the herringbone and chevron design. A natural white colour allowing the pale oak to show behind.

  • Frozen White

    Frozen White

    Frozen White has been created to have a very natural yet white modern look without having too much white in the oak. With this colour we wanted to keep the oak as natural looking as possible, creating a special mix to produce this finish.

  • Snow


    We have produced this colour in our herringbone form as this works very well with the design. The blocks take the white colour while keeping the natural background colour in a modern yet aesthetically pleasing colour.

  • Lye Grey

    Lye Grey

    This colour has been created to produce a grey tone to the wood while keeping the oak as natural as possible, the light grey colours are deep within the grain while the slightly darker greys have stayed on the face of the oak. We can produce any finish required as all finishes are bespoke.

  • Ebony


    A traditional finish with a twist, the oil applied to the wood brings out the deep character of every block. while the face takes the subtle colours, the grains take the deep rich dark colour which intensifies the character. 

  • Natural Grey

    Natural Grey

    A special finish produced by several coats of treatment. The oak captures the white pigment within the smallest grains including the bevelled edges which is a finish we can produce if desired. All our products are hand finished, quality checked a signed off.

  • Antique Oak

    Antique Oak

    A herringbone parquet, distressed by hand with passion to produce a stunning finish which blushes with variation and allows each block to express it’s story. While the face remains natural, the deep carving keeps the black oil applied; any colour can be produced as we custom distress and hand finish all our products.

  • Mixed Ash

    Mixed Ash

    Ash is a unique species of wood. It takes colours very well with a natural colour shining through;we have a contrast between oiled and varnished which is very slightly noticeable – pick your option. 

  • Cotton Herringbone

    Cotton Herringbone

    This product combines the success of cotton white in the form of herringbone, which can be finished with a one block or two block border – it’s entirely customisable. 

  • Two Tone

    Two Tone

    Both samples are fumed and slightly distressed on the edges to give a rustic look and feel, we are able to supply the wood in two or three tones.

  • Distressed Stealth

    Distressed Stealth

    The picture of this sample does not do the actual wood justice, you have to see it and feel the sample to understand the product. Time and work goes into producing such beautiful designs and finishes which can only be produced by hand.

  • Metallic Herringbone

    Metallic Herringbone

    A grey touch to the herringbone style, a wood colour that is natural allowing the grain to show its beauty.

  • Naturally Rustic

    Naturally Rustic

    An example of a distressed herringbone wood style. Herringbone is beautiful especially when it has been distressed, this adds to the natural effect of the wood.

  • Pure Herringbone

    Pure Herringbone

    Herringbone finished with a Wenge boarder, this wood has had clear hard wax oil applied, a natural colour allowing the oak to show its natural beauty, the combination works very well expressing the herringbone design to come through.

  • Croatian Oil

    Croatian Oil

    An example of a light herringbone sample finished with hard wax oil. Each block takes the hard wax oil differently producing an amazing finish.

  • Artistic Curve

    Artistic Curve

    Each block of parquet herringbone has been hand worked by Mursel himself; we can produce many colour ranges in this artistic curve wood.

  • Wenge Chevron

    Wenge Chevron

    Wenge is at the top of the list when it comes to beauty, if you want a beautiful wood flooring this is the wood for you, Wenge will go with every setting you have, it is a true work of art from nature. I do not have enough words to describe the beauty of this…

  • Chevron


    Chevron, another design from herringbone, works well with large areas and looks amazing. We can produce an extensive colour range on all types of wood flooring and styles, including this unique design. 

  • Cotton White & White

    Cotton White & White

    A herringbone example for you, what happens when we add more white to a sample, the white sticks to the grain a lightens the sample while emphasising the grain texture