Product Sample Category: Special & Distressed

  • Old White

    Old White

    Our Old White sample is hand-distressed with traditional tools. We finish the Ukrainian oak with a unique combination of colour to provide a vintage traditional look with a vibrant variation. We are able to create any combination of colour, our Old White provides an old barn feel seeming as the wood has been down for…

  • Curved Jacobean

    Curved Jacobean

    A traditional brown colour complimenting the rich textured grains, with the edges curved by hand showing the collaboration of a high class product and craftsmanship.

  • Reptile Grey

    Reptile Grey

    With this finish, the type of distressing is in the name, with the colour of a reptile matching the distressed look, this wood works very well in bars and restaurants. With certain interior settingS within the home this wood finish will work.

  • Aging Brown

    Aging Brown

    The wood has had a deep brushing to show the depths of the grain further, the edges of the board have been lightly distressed so when the boards lock in together it gives a very nice yet subtle distressed finish.

  • Mystic Forest

    Mystic Forest

    Wide boards have been distressed with a chain distressing method to produce an almost alligator skin finish and feel to the board. A light modern colour has been applied to the board.

  • Sawn


    The oak has been lightly touched by the saw to produce this beautiful finished product. We are able to produce this in all colours and styles.

  • 18th Century

    18th Century

    18th Century is a work of art; an aged but vintage design with a beautiful colour contrasting to the finish. Each board is distressed by hand with care and an eye for design.

  • Rustic White

    Rustic White

    This sample was produced by accident, however it is such a beautiful and eventful sample. We have produced the purple face with the pure white embedded in the grain and distressed parts. The product works well in bars.

  • Hand Weave Jacobean

    Hand Weave Jacobean

    This distressing takes the most time out of all our techniques due to the hard work and dedication as we spend 1-2 hours per board from start to finish. However, the outcome is truly worthwhile. We can produce all colours and designs in this distressed state.

  • Ancient Oak

    Ancient Oak

    This wood has been distressed on the face; we distress all our wood with old hand tools where we are able to produce better quality distressing as the tools wear out, it increases the natural effect of distressing.

  • Burnt Natural

    Burnt Natural

    This wood is one of our most innovative designs; the board was black before we sanded the face down back to the original colour but the black remained in the distressed parts of the oak plank. We are able produce this in any design and colour.