Pure Grey

Product Ref : WCF147

Width : 120-360cm
Length : 1800 to 2800cm
Height : 16-21mm

Our Pure Grey Oak is an outstanding example of what can be achieved by bespoke hand finishing. All our wood flooring, plank, herringbone, chevron and panels are hand finished to perfection.

Pure Grey is a dark colour with grain and oak charatartisitcs showing through the colour to let you know that you have a beautiful bespoke Ukrainian oak under your feet.

We take pride in our samples, a lot of time and dedication goes into creating the absolute best colours possible. At Woodcraft Flooring you can choose any colour you imagine for your wood flooring.

Do note all our colours come in plank form, herringbone form, chevron form and geometric shapes, allowing you to choose a fully bespoke wood flooring or your home.