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Walnut Flooring

‘Walnut, also formally known as (Juglans Nigra) is one of the most sustainable wood species in the world, it is largely used for furniture and wood flooring across the world. Walnut has a striking dark rich tone, the heartwood of the walnut is very rich dark brown to more of a chocolate colour going out from the heartwood, the sapwood of walnut is a creamy colour which creates a perfect combination. A prime grade walnut will have a consistent colour and uniform appearance while creating character through the grains and variation in patterns of the natural wood. A natural grade walnut will include knots however being dark and much less noticeable than other dark species.

Walnut wood flooring is renowned for its rich, lustrous tones and captivating grain patterns. Not only does this unique dark hardwood species exude elegance, but it also stands as one of the most sustainable options globally. Widely sought after for its distinct beauty, walnut (Juglans nigra) holds a prestigious place in flooring and furniture, being the most prized North American species in use today.

Its distinctive appearance lends an air of luxury to any space, elevating the standard of sophistication. The heartwood ranges from deep, dark browns to sumptuous chocolate hues, while the creamy white sapwood complements these tones perfectly. When combined, these contrasting colors create mesmerizing patterns and textures, ensuring each floor is truly one-of-a-kind.

Unlocking the Allure of American Black Walnut Flooring

Walnut flooring holds an undeniable allure, coveted for its luxurious aesthetic and timeless charm.

In premier grade, walnut exudes indulgence and sophistication, boasting a sleek and uniform appearance with minimal imperfections such as small pin knots and limited sapwood.

Conversely, natural grade walnut flooring captivates with its distinctive character, showcasing larger knots and embracing all the visible nuances and characteristics of the species.

Exploring Walnut Flooring Options

Discover the allure of walnut flooring with our versatile parquet wood blocks and chevron design boards, as well as conventional engineered boards. Whether you prefer the traditional charm of parquet blocks or the modern sophistication of chevron patterns, walnut brings a visually stunning element to any construction style. The intricate parquet and chevron designs effortlessly blend tradition with luxury, making them ideal for both classic and contemporary design schemes. For those seeking a truly unique flooring option, consider our fine line parquet construction, where walnut is artfully combined with oak, resulting in a bold and adventurous floor that exudes contemporary elegance.

Engineered Walnut: A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

Our engineered walnut floors seamlessly marry traditional aesthetics with modern functionality. Crafted to meet modern requirements while maintaining the classic beauty of wood flooring, these floors feature multiple layers of plywood backing that support the hardwood top layer. The result? A floor that not only looks and feels exquisite but can also be sanded and refinished, ensuring longevity even after years of use. Available in both wide and narrow formats, our engineered walnut floors offer versatility to suit various design preferences. Wide boards create a spacious, contemporary feel, while narrower boards boast vibrant character, making them perfect for rooms with high ceilings such as warehouse apartments. Plus, with their stability and moisture content, our engineered walnut floors are suitable for installation over underfloor heating and can be laid in any room of the house, from bathrooms to bedrooms.

Exploring Walnut and Other Dark Species

While walnut boasts a rich and luxurious appearance, it’s important to note that its suitability for heavy-use areas may be limited due to its slightly reduced hardness rating compared to other dark species. However, despite this constraint, walnut serves as a more sustainable alternative to exotic species that may not be responsibly sourced.




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