Imperial Grey

Product Ref : WCF149

Width : 120-360cm
Length : 1.8 to 2.8cm
Height : 13-21mm

Imperial Grey is a modern colour that has a unique subtle variation between the boards, a superior 21mm European engineered oak with a 6mm high-quality Ukrainian oak which is the most beautiful white oak accessible. We combine our oak with an extremely stable Russian birch compressed plywood base to create a high-quality structural board.

We hand finish all our boards to create a bespoke product that is extensively quality controlled through the finishing process, to ensure you are receiving the highest quality board and an extremely beautiful finish.

Our Imperial Grey is produced by creating a reaction between the natural tannin acid in the oak with a special ingredient that naturally allows the oak to obtain the dark grey colour, we then lock in this colour to stop the tannin reacting. 

We finish all our wood with multiple coats of clear hard wax oil to provide a natural finish that hardens naturally providing an extremely hard-wearing surface.