Indian Blue

Product Ref : WCF126

Width : 120-360cm
Length : 1.8 to 2.8cm
Height : 13-21mm

Our Indian Blue provides a variety of colour including colours of faint medium brown combined with grey, finished with a light grey oil applied to the grain. We specialise in creating unique colours which are unmatched, as every product we produce is mixed to create a bespoke finish.

We provide many options including grading such as a natural grade which includes knots or prime grade which is a selected oak to not include knots. Our boards are brushed opening the grain providing deep colour variation between boards.

Our 21mm board is of the highest quality, including a 6mm Ukrainian oak overlay and 15mm compressed ply base. We understand that as 21mm board may not always be suitable therefore we provide 19mm, 16mm, and 13mm across our entire range which are all suitable for underfloor heating and are of superior quality.