Product Ref : WCF135

Width : 120-360cm
Length : 1.8 to 2.8cm
Height : 13-21mm

Our Ocean colour has been created through a variety of techniques. Oak has a natural tannic acid, we apply a reactive stain to allow the tannin acid to react and therefore allow us to create a base colour which we can then apply a mixture of colour creating the deep dark grey colour which is beautiful.

We brush all our wood to open the grains allowing us to apply a light grey to the grain providing one of a kind contrast. All our wood is bespoke hand-finished, meaning the options are literally endless.

We believe in our product as it is a high quality European engineered oak 21mm thick with a 6mm Ukrainian oak top layer with a 15mm Russian birch plywood base allowing for a superior product.

All our colours can be created in all designs of flooring including planks, herringbone, chevron, panels and geometric shapes.