Silver Grey

Product Ref : WCF139

Width : 120-360cm
Length : 1800 to 2800cm
Height : 13-21mm

Silver Grey is a very modern subtle look. Moving on from your orange yellowish, colours which is what was very popular in the early 2000s. Silver Grey provides a look that will not become outdated. There are hints of light brown in the background of the boards with a grey hue remaining on the face and grains of the oak providing a beautiful wood floor.

Woodcraft Flooring produce colours relevant to the market trend, however are always looking for colours that will always be popular no matter the current trend in terms of interiors.

We believe Silver Grey is one of those colours that work very well in many settings as it is almost a universal colour that you cannot go wrong with. All the colours we produce can be applied to planks, herringbone, and chevron formats.