Product Sample Category: Oak Planks

  • Volcanic Ash

    Volcanic Ash

    Our Volcanic Ash contains a unique vibrant finish that will work in many interior settings. the oak has gone through extensive treatment to create such a finish. Our Volcanic Ash can be created in planks, herringbone and chevron, we use a supreme, prime grade Ukrainian oak matched with a superior quality Ukrainian birch plywood to…

  • Rain


    Rain Is a bold colour option, the oak has been extensively treated to produce such a pronounced finish. Our oak being a superior quality Ukrainian oak matched together with a waterproof Ukrainian compressed birch plywood creating a wood floor that will last a lifetime. The quality of our wood flooring makes it easy to work…

  • Reactive White

    Reactive White

    Reactive White is a combination of colours. the two planks to the right have been treated in the same process as the one plank on the left. The plank on the left has had an extra treatment to produce a grey-white finish. This is to show that Woodcraft Flooring has an endless colour range. Both…

  • Silver Grey

    Silver Grey

    Silver Grey is a very modern subtle look. Moving on from your orange yellowish, colours which is what was very popular in the early 2000s. Silver Grey provides a look that will not become outdated. There are hints of light brown in the background of the boards with a grey hue remaining on the face…

  • Snow


    Snow is currently a very popular colour, a very modern colour creating a beautiful wood floor. Our Snow is available in plank, herringbone and chevron format. All our wood flooring is of the highest quality. Our oak is Ukrainian backed with prime grade Ukrainian birch plywood which is water and boil proof creating a supreme…

  • Tequila


    Tequila is a bespoke colour hand created by Woodcraft Flooring. Dark rich colour with a lighter colour showing deep within the grain. The oak has been treated through several processes to create such a rich colour. An almost leather-like colour will provide an outstanding wood flooring that is full of variation and character. Woodcraft Flooring…

  • Vintage Black

    Vintage Black

    Vintage Black is a unique colour created recently. The word vintage within the sample name will give the idea that the oak is vintage and therefore a very traditional colour for a traditional setting. This may be the case however if you look into the picture of the sample we have created, a new world…

  • Vintage Grey

    Vintage Grey

    Vintage Grey is a dark grey with a hint of brown in the oak. a colour that will work well in modern settings. With extensive treatment being undertaken to produce such a beautiful finish, we take pride in all our finishes. Woodcraft Flooring specialises in creating one of a kind bespoke colours to suit all…

  • Pure Grey

    Pure Grey

    Our Pure Grey Oak is an outstanding example of what can be achieved by bespoke hand finishing. All our wood flooring, plank, herringbone, chevron and panels are hand finished to perfection. Pure Grey is a dark colour with grain and oak charatartisitcs showing through the colour to let you know that you have a beautiful…

  • Original


    With many colour variations that can be applied to an oak, the golden oak colour can be overlooked as an aged colour. With our refined original finish, we provide the oak with a golden colour rather than the yellowish which clear oak is known for.

  • Pale White

    Pale White

    A natural colour was produced to provide a subtle light yet authentic finish to the oak. We understand and appreciate the true beauty of oak and all other species respectively, this is the reason why we create very natural colours allowing the oak to show its true beauty in terms of variation pattern, knots and…

  • Indian Blue

    Indian Blue

    Our Indian Blue provides a variety of colour including colours of faint medium brown combined with grey, finished with a light grey oil applied to the grain. We specialise in creating unique colours which are unmatched, as every product we produce is mixed to create a bespoke finish. We provide many options including grading such…

  • Modern Brown

    Modern Brown

    A bespoke finish created using a unique combination of oils. The reason why we call this sample Modern Brown is that it has the traditional brown colour with the grey hints, which show on the face and deep inside the brushed grains. Our wood is a European engineered oak with a total thickness of 21mm.…

  • Modern Grey

    Modern Grey

    Modern Grey has been created to provide a vast selection of our brown colours. We allow a traditional brown colour to have a modern feel giving the oak a brown background with a hint of grey, reminding you that your oak is bespoke hand-finished. Each and every plank is carefully finished by hand with various…

  • Modern White

    Modern White

    Modern White is a bespoke handcrafted finish, modern yet subtle in appearance. The colour works well in all our ranges including herringbone, chevron, geometric shapes and panels. We specialise in creating unique colours. The beauty is that we can create many shades of our Modern White, the options are endless. We create a 21mm thick…

  • Ocean


    Our Ocean colour has been created through a variety of techniques. Oak has a natural tannic acid, we apply a reactive stain to allow the tannin acid to react and therefore allow us to create a base colour which we can then apply a mixture of colour creating the deep dark grey colour which is…

  • Classic


    European engineered oak, manufactured to perfection, hand-finished with a light brown finish with a slight hint of a ginger colour to produce a wood floor that is slightly darker than a traditional yellow oak. Finishing our wood is completed by a hand process, therefore allowing the board to be quality controlled through every stage of…

  • Crystal


    Crystal has been created to be the whitest colour possible on an oak while keeping the natural structure in terms of grain pattern and natural effects of the oak. We produce a superior 21mm board with a 6mm top layer oak, all our wood is hand finished with multiple coats of hard wax oil. We…

  • Himalaya


    Himalaya is a bespoke hand-crafted colour as all our finishes are. We manufacture a European engineered oak with a 6mm top Ukrainian oak layer with a compressed Ukrainian birch plywood layer to create a high-quality board, we match this with hand finishing our wood to provide the best colour variation possible. The colour is grey…

  • Imperial Grey

    Imperial Grey

    Imperial Grey is a modern colour that has a unique subtle variation between the boards, a superior 21mm European engineered oak with a 6mm high-quality Ukrainian oak which is the most beautiful white oak accessible. We combine our oak with an extremely stable Ukrainian birch compressed plywood base to create a high-quality structural board. We…

  • Ageing Brown

    Ageing Brown

    A European engineered oak sourced and manufactured in Ukraine with a Ukrainian birch multi-ply backing to create a  superior wood floor, hand bespoke finished to create a unique finish with the traditional light brown background colour while the grain complements with a slight white colour. We use variations of techniques to create our one of…

  • Alpes


    Alpes has been created to provide a strong grey colour with a stunning grain variation, we brush all our oak which opens the grain and allows for a live natural look and feel with all our wood flooring. Being a modern grey colour, the 6mm top layer European oak does show the natural presence an…

  • Antique Brown

    Antique Brown

    Antique Brown is European engineered oak which comes in a thickness of 21mm thick with a generous 6mm top layer. We hand finish all our wood flooring meaning every plank is quality controlled through every finishing stage. With all our wood flooring, we can create all bespoke finishes in a plank format, herringbone format, or…

  • Basalt Grey

    Basalt Grey

    Ukrainian oak, manufactured and engineered to perfection, with a compressed Ukrainian birch ply base to create a superior lifetime product. Our 21mm thick board boasts a 6mm top layer which provides life to sand 6-8 times. We hand finish all our wood flooring to perfection as this compliments the high-quality product we produce. The finish…

  • Chalk


    Hand-finished with a special technique used to finish our sample called chalk. We are always creating new and unique colours by experimenting with many factors within the finishing process. Our oak which is from Ukraine is of the highest quality and grade accessible. We combine this fact with our bespoke hand finishing which has been…

  • Bronze


    Bronze has a rich brown colour without the red hints you normally get with a brown colour. The wood will work well in a set interior designed project.

  • Tremo


    Tremo has a unique, one of a kind look with a grey face and a mist of burgundy in the background. The grains have obtained a light grey colour to produce a beautiful colour in one.

  • Obsolete


    Obsolete is quite a dark grey colour with a silvery grey colour added to the grain to provide a lovely contrast showing a deep depth in the grain. The wood will look light under natural and artificial light while looking dark and rich under darkness.

  • Maroon


    Maroon is a very dark colour, however not a black colour as first seen by the eye. The colour is a very deep brownish-red colour that comes to life under the light. The wood will always show a rich depth.

  • Linden


    One would mistake Linden for a black colour however, you would be mistaken under the darkness. Once the light is shown to the wood. The dark reddish-brown colour will come out and show the true beauty of the wood.